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The California State Association of Parliamentarians (CSAP) is the California division of the NATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF PARLIAMENTARIANS (NAP). NAP and its divisions are 501(c)(3) nonprofit organizations formed for the purpose of studying, teaching, and promoting the rules of deliberative assemblies. The Parliamentary Authority studied and used by NAP and its divisions is the latest edition of Roberts Rules of Order Newly Revised (RONR). Our members are Meeting Experts!

All interested persons are welcome and encouraged to become members of CSAP. If you are interested and would like to learn more, follow the Membership sub-menu link under CSAP Home in the top or bottom menu bars.

Annual Meeting
September 9-10, 2016

For information on the Annual Meeting Click here.

Parliamentary Referrals

A number of CSAP's members serve organizations as professional parliamentarians. These members have had extensive training and are certificated by NAP as Professional Registered Parliamentarians (PRP®s) or Registered Parliamentarians (RP®s). They are available through this website; to locate one near you, follow the Referrals link under CSAP Home in the top or bottom menu bars.

Other Information

  • CSAP's Newsletter, the California Parliamentarian, is published three time each year. Recent copies are available in PDF format; follow the Documents & Newsletters link in the Organization sub-menu.

  • For convenience in holding educational meetings, CSAP is divided into three geographic areas (Pacific, Sierra, and Southern). Follow the links in the Areas menu to get information on educational meetings near you.

  • Various events are scheduled throughout the year, including CSAP's Annual Meeting, the area meetings, and NAP's yearly meeting. Follow the Events and Annual Meeting links in the Organization sub-menu.

  • Information on CSAP's governing board and the many NAP/CSAP Units throughout the state is available by following the links in the Organization sub-menu. More detailed information on CSAP's structure is available on the About Us & Membership Page (link in the CSAP Home sub-menu).

  • Other information about CSAP is available through the links in the top/bottom menu bars and their sub-menus.

Website Introduction

This website is provided for both public use and as a resource for members. The top/bottom pull-down menus provide access to other pages. Under CSAP Home, the pages provide information on Professional Parliamentary Referrals, more about CSAP and how to become a member, links to other parliamentary procedure websites, and how to contact us. Under Organization (which is a non-functional link), the pages provide information on California's small, local groups (Units), its Officers, public documents, and recent newsletters, an event list for the current organizational year, and the Annual Meeting. Pages with information on CSAP's Areas (Pacific, Sierra, and Southern) are available under Areas (also a non-functional link). The In Memoriam Page provides a memorial list of recently-deceased members. The Members Only menu item gives access to the part of the website available only to CSAP members; it is password protected. Under Members Only, the Forgot Password? Click Here. link provides a means for members to request their forgotten passwords by return email.

Links to all pages are available in the preceding paragraph. Links are indicated by light-blue characters that change color when the cursor passes over them. If the cursor hovers over a link for a short time, a tip message will appear.

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Website menu bar. Position cursor over a name to see its sub-menu. ('Organization' and 'Areas' are just names for their sub-menus.)

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